An essential part of a tour is to select a beautiful & correct place. Sometimes, it becomes more difficult to decide as India country is full of amazing destinations. One of the great tourist destinations is Pushkar which is located in the Royal state of Rajasthan. The annual Pushkar Fair allows tourist or local to experience the traditional beauty of Rajasthan state. It has become quite popular for the international tourists because of the rich culture of Rajasthan. The art & crafts reflect the traditional lifestyle of this enormous land. During the Golden triangle holiday packages, you can take enjoy of this great camel trade.

The Pushkar Fair was initially a camel fair where live stocks were bought & sold. Still, it is one of its own kinds of fair across the world. It is not only popular for camel trade but also for cattle & horse trade. Later, some things were added to the fair like local music, dance, and arts & crafts to attract more tourists.



Main Attraction of Fair -

  • The most beautiful competition that is held at the fair is the “Camel beauty contest”. In this contest, camels are decorated with beautiful embroideries and mirror-worked saddlecloth. The other curious contest is the “Mustache competition”. All you have to do to win this competition is to have the longest mustache.
  • The main interesting attraction of the Pushkar Fair is the “Cattle competition”. Various contests are held which entertains the tourists from worldwide. The main market is also a huge place to go for shopping. The embroidered fabrics, Rajasthani puppets, silver & beaded jewelry, and other handicrafts are very famous among the international travelers. The Pushkar fair is known as the India's greatest tribal gathering.



This Fair is celebrated every year in November month and is held for 5 days. There is a holy lake in the town Pushkar and this fair is also important religiously as 1000s of devotees from various places. People take a dip in this holy lake & pray to the Gods for their blessings. The city becomes alive during the fair as so many people enjoy the hospitality of Rajasthan. All the 5 days are full of music, dance, magic & puppet shows. This fair gives an unforgettable experience for the lifetime. One can explore this town with Golden triangle holiday tour packages.